Super Buster Bros. game

Super Buster Bros.

Super Buster Bros. is a shooter for SNES. The player shoots upwards to pop bubbles that bounce around the screen.


Super Buster Bros., a port of the arcade game Super Pang, is an unconventional 2d shooter for SNES. The player walks across the bottom of the screen shooting a grappling-gun upwards at bubbles that bounce around the screen in various ways. The stages are set in various locations around the world, and a stage is cleared when all bubbles have been popped.


The goal of each stage is to pop all the bubbles within the time limit. Firing the gun causes a hook with a wire attached to fly upwards. Bubbles can be popped by hitting them with the hook, or if they bounce into the wire. When larger bubbles are hit, they split into two smaller bubbles. They continue to split until they reach their smallest size, at which point a shot will destroy them. The player can collect powerups, such as a faster gun or the ability to have two hooks on-screen, or pop bubbles with a clock icon to stop time for several seconds. There are two modes of play, but both share the same gameplay.

Arcade Mode

In Arcade mode, the player travels through pre-made stages set in locations across the world. Starting with a training level set in Japan, they continue on to locations such as Venice and the Caribbean. Each area has three stages, with some exceptions, and each stage is cleared when all the bubbles have been popped.

Panic Mode

In Panic mode, the player must stay alive as long as possible against an endless stream of bubbles. Destroying a bubble fills a meter on-screen, and the level ends when the meter is filled. A new level will reset all the bubbles, as well as increase the speed. Panic mode ends when the player reaches level 99 and clears all the bubbles for that stage.