Super Chinese World 2: Uchuu Ichibuto Daikai

A martial arts brawler/fighter game with a cartoonish style which is part of Culture Brain's long-running Super Chinese series. It is the sequel to Super Chinese World, best known in the west as Super Ninja Boy.


Super Chinese World 2: Uchuu Ichibuto Daikai (roughly "Super Chinese World 2: The Number One Cosmic Martial Arts Contest") is a martial arts brawler/fighter game featuring the martial arts twins Jack and Ryu (also known as Jacky and Lee) in another battle against innumerable foes. This sequel to Super Ninja Boy takes the duo into space to take down a conglomerate of evil alien martial artists who have kidnapped the leaders of the planets they've invaded. The pair move from planet to planet, beating up henchmen before finally taking down the boss in fighter-style duels (which one or both brothers can take part in).

The game also features a competitive fighting mode for up to two players (and includes an option to watch two CPU opponents fight). This mode allows the player to play as any of the bosses encountered in the game. While the core game retains a few of its RPG elements, like character levels, the turn-based battles have been removed for the sake of a more action-focused game.

Super Chinese World 2, unlike its predecessor, was never released in the US. A localization of the game named Galactic Defender was canceled mid-development. The game would be followed in 1995 with the third and final game in the Super Chinese World series: Super Chinese World 3: Chou Jigen Daisakusen.