Super Pac-Man

The third entry in the Pac-Man franchise, Super Pac-Man was a departure from the gameplay of the first two titles.


Super Pac-Man, released in 1982, was Namco's first sequel to Pac-Man and the second overall, as Ms. Pac-Man was originally made by hackers without Namco's involvement.

Super Pac-Man has not been as popular a game for ports as its predecessors, but has been ported a number of times, including an unreleased port to the Atari 5200, DOS and Commodore 64 versions, a release on the PlayStation in the Namco Museum collection, Game Boy Color as part of the Ms. Pac-Man cart, the Wii as part of Namco Museum Remix, and Xbox 360 as part of Namco Museum Virtual Arcade.


Super Pac-Man does away entirely with the standard dots of the previous two games. Instead, the game focuses on item collection, though still within similar mazes. In order to access the items, whether they are fruit or power pellets, the player must first eat keys to open doors accessing them. In later levels, keys open doors further away from the location of the key. As with dots in the first two games, all items must be consumed in order for the player to progress to the next level
In addition, the game contains "super pellets" which can be eaten to turn Pac-Man into the titular Super Pac-Man, increasing his size and speed, making him invulnerable to ghosts, and allowing him to eat through doors without the corresponding key.