Super Scope 6

A light-gun mini-game collection included as the pack-in game for Nintendo's Super Scope peripheral for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, featuring six games ranging from puzzlers to action shooters.


Super NES Super Scope 6 (known in Japan as Super Scope 6 and in Europe as Super NES Nintendo Scope 6) is a light-gun minigame collection developed by Nintendo's R&D1 division and published by Nintendo for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (as the bundle game with the Super Scope peripheral) in North America on February 1992, in Japan on June 21, 1993, and in Europe on August 27, 1993.

Showcasing the company's Super Scope accessory, Super Scope 6 includes six minigames that require its use, ranging from the "Blastris" series of casual single-screen games to the "LazerBlazer" series of on-rails action-oriented games.


The six games are split into two categories: Blastris (for casual games, including Blastris A, Blastris B, and Mole Patrol) and LazerBlazer (for action games, including Intercept, Engage, and Confront).

Each game has three difficulty settings: Low, Medium, and High. Higher difficulty settings start the player in later levels.

Blastris A

Loosely based on Tetris, Blastris A is a tile-matching game where players shoot groups of blocks moving from left-to-right to change their shape and affect how they'll "land". Using this, players must fill a vertical line with blocks to clear that line. Players can only shoot twice while a shape is "falling".

This game can be played in two-player mode (playing alternately).

Blastris B

Loosely based on Columns, Blastris B is a tile-matching game where players shoot blocks falling from random places at the top of the screen in order to rotate them (changing their color). Using this, player must arrange blocks of the same color in rows, columns, or diagonals to clear them.

The game has two variations:

  • Type A is a stage-based mode in which players must clear each game board of Monster Blocks (blocks that are "wiggling" to differentiate them from normal blocks) to proceed to a harder stage (with more Monster Blocks to start with).
  • Type B is a score-based mode in which players progress through one endless game board. As players gain points, the speed at which blocks drop increases.

Mole Patrol

Mole Patrol is a Whac-A-Mole game in which players must blast blue moles that pop out of one of twelve holes on the ground. Players must be quick, as the moles sink back into their hole soon after popping up. They must also be careful, as shooting pink moles cause the moles to temporarily move at a faster speed (making them more difficult to hit). At certain times throughout the game, a bonus mole appears in the sky (flying on a rocket). Shooting that mole grants bonus points.

Each round is won when all blue moles are blasted before the timer reaches zero. If the timer ever reaches zero, the game is over. Players earn less points at the end of the round by missing shots and having blue moles sink back into their hole.

The main game mode is called "Stage Mode". A second mode, called "Score Mode", requires players to shoot blue moles in order for one round (with no pink moles or bonus moles).


Intercept is a shooter where players must shoot down enemy missiles arriving from one end of the screen before they reach the other end. Players can only have three shots out at a time and must judge when and where to fire, as their shots have a travel time and the missiles have a varied distance.


Engage is a shooter where players take control of an aircraft gunner as they shoot down enemy aircraft and their incoming missiles before they either run out of fuel or they receive too much damage. Players can only have four shots out at a time and must judge when and where to fire, as their shots have a travel time and enemies have a varied distance.


Confront is a shooter where players take control of a ground turret as they shoot down an invasion of enemy aircraft before they receive too much damage. Unlike Intercept and Engage, players have no limit to their firing rate (although their accuracy gives them a higher score).