Tetris Party

Another release in the never ending stream of Tetris iterations, Tetris Party features ten modes of play, online play and leaderboards, and surprisingly, balance board support.


Tetris Party is a Tetris game developed by Hudson and published by Tetris Online Incorporation. It's a WiiWare game released for 1,200 points ($12). Tetris Party features eighteen modes and ten new modes, as well as online play for up to six people, over one hundred achievements for unlocking, local multiplayer for up to four people, and balance board support.


Marathon Mode

The standard Tetris gamplay is represented at it's finest here, as all you are tasked with doing is making lines through 15 levels of increasing difficulty (which translates into the blocks falling at a blistering pace) to net points. Or, alternatively, you can set it to "endless" to see how many points you can rack up before the field is filled with tetrominos.

Beginner Mode

This mode is for beginners. It features bigger tetromino and a smaller playing field. Beginner Mode also features new Tetris blocks and balance board support. To use the balance board, you must lean left to right to move the tetrominos, lean forward to drop the tetrominos, or squat down to quickly slap it down.

Co-Op Mode

Co-Op mode will feature two player gameplay. The two players will work together to get a huge score and string together combos. This mode will also feature a larger playing field to give enough room for both the players.

Stage Racer Mode

In this all-new mode, players must navigate and rotate a tetromino around obstacles in a small playing field.

Team Battle Mode

Not a new mode, but certainly one with some brand new twists. This time around, team battle mode will feature some Wii-specific items, such as those featuring motion control or IR control. The mode is basically the same crazy mode featured in past Tetris games.

Dual Space Mode

In an all-new mode, you must section off blank spaces that have no tetrominos in them. This mode is turn-based and points are earned for each empty space.

Shadow Mode

Another new mode. Players must fill up a shadow of a design given. You can't let any tetrominos fit outside of the design shown.

Hot Lines Mode

This mode tasks players with creating a line a of tetrominos at certain points of the playing field, that are marked as red lines. These areas get increasingly higher as the player ascends the playing field, thereby making it slightly harder as you progress.

This mode can also be found in 2001's Tetris Worlds for the Game Boy Advance, as well as its subsequent console counterparts released in the following year.