The Ultimate Pinball Quest

The Ultimate Pinball Quest is a story driven pinball game on the Amiga.


The Ultimate Pinball Quest is a pinball game developed by Interactivision and published by Atari SA for the Amiga platform.


The Ultimate Pinball Quest plays like a majority of pinball games and machines. The Ultimate Pinball Quest however features more than one gameplay mode.

Adventure Mode

The adventure mode is the main, story driven mode in the game. In adventure mode the goal is to make it through multiple "worlds" (tables) in order to save the princess from the forces of evil.

Arcade Mode

The arcade mode allows the player to choose one of the individual worlds to play on. While playing in arcade mode the bonus sections of the tables will still be available.

Bonus Mode

The bonus mode allows the player to choose any of the games bonus sections of any of the worlds.These sections are smaller than the main worlds.