Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends Pinball

Play different pinball tables based on characters from the children's television show


Britt Alcroft's train-based characters (famously voiced by Ringo Starr) were brought to several computer games, and this is perhaps the most unusual, simplifying the game of pinball to aim it at younger players. Four different tables are included, based loosely around Thomas, James, Percy and Toby. Up to 8 players can take it in turns, and there are 3 skill levels and a high score table.

The tables vary in their complexity and difficulty; Thomas' is very basic in its design, while the others (especially Toby's) have more advanced ramps and combos. Full screen and scrolling view modes are available, and the game's feel is comparable to the Pinball Dreams series, which is unsurprising as Spidersoft did Pinball Mania themselves.

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