A Breakout variant which allows for vertical movement around top-down environments. The goal is still to clear the stage of blocks by using the player's craft for angled shots.


Titan is a puzzle game of the block-breaking genre that was released on multiple home computers by Titus Interactive in 1988. The game was also later published to the Japanese FM Towns by Fujitsu and converted by ISCO and Naxat Soft for the PC Engine and by Sofel for the Famicom. It was also included in the PC compilation The Fox Collection with nine other games from the developer.

Titan adopts an unusual system in which the player is given free reign of the "board" rather than stuck to a line across the bottom of the screen and can use their craft to direct a bouncing ball around an environment to clear it of blocks. Rather than stopping the ball from leaving the bottom of the screen, which is the standard fail-state for the genre, the player has to avoid letting the ball hit certain traps in the environment.