Tron Evolution: Battle Grids game

Tron Evolution: Battle Grids

Developed by n-Space Inc. partnering with Propaganda Games for the unique features of Wii and targeting both families and a younger audience.


Tron Evolution: Battle Grids was released on the Wii to coincide with the release of the film Tron Legacy, developed by n-Space.


Battle Grids is not the action-adventure game that is Tron Evolution on the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. Battle Grids is a multiplayer game based on the many combat and sporting events found in the Tron Universe. Create your own character and to use in single player and multiplayer. The gameplay is the same in both the single and multiplayer, because the events to compete in are the same. Compete in Light Cycle, Tanks and on foot combat events, and upgrade you character as you play. Light Cycle mode plays very much like F-Zero because of its futuristic and fast paced races. Light cycle racers will also control by tilting the Wii Remote. Light Tank mode has the player drving a tank while attempting to destroy other competitors. On foot sections will involve the player facing off against another competitors in combat situations. Battle Grids is primarily made for facing live players in multiplayer, but there is a single player mode to face computer controlled characters.

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