Virtua Striker 2002

The first soccer game to be released on the GameCube. It has an arcade style of game-play, featuring 65 teams and has a range of modes called Road to International Cup, League, Tournament and Ranking.

Virtua Striker 2002 is an arcade style soccer game released for the GameCube. The game features 65 international team but none of them include any real players. The game has a Road to International Cup where your goal is to win the "world cup" in 4 years time. In this mode you are able to put events on your calendar such as training where you choose what areas you want your team to improve, you are also able to choose teams you wish to play. It also has other modes such as "League", "Tournament" and "Ranking"

League and Tournament are pretty simple modes but Ranking, is quite unique. You first pick a team then you have to play three matches, at the end of these you will be graded on your performance, depending on what grade you get you will receive a certain number of points. After you have accumulated 20 you are given a chance to play a team made up of Sonic and other characters from his series.

The game also has a character creation feature that allows to create a player in any team you want. When creating the character it doesn't give you a bunch of points that you have to dump into the area that you want to player to be good in, Instead it lets you pick 3 features that you want you player to have, this could be "long shot" if you want him to be able to shoot from far away, or "Iron wall" if you want him to be a defender.