Wario: Master of Disguise game

Wario: Master of Disguise

With the stylus, help Wario become a Master of Disguise and loot the world.


Wario is your average couch potato, he's just sitting back and watching the television when a show about the "Master Thief" Silver Zephyr catches his eye. The Silver Zephyr, Count Cannoli, has a wand, Goodstyle, which allows him to create different disguises so he can became a master of disguise. With greed in his mind, Wario sets out to get into the TV Show and steal the Goodstyle wand and loot the world. After being successful in retrieving the wand, Wario sets out to loot as much as he can only to stumble upon a Wishstone. Each Wishstone grants a wish, and so begins a race between Count Cannoli and Wario to retrieve all five Wishstones.