Wii Play game

Wii Play

Wii Play is a collection of 9 mini games which comes bundled with a Wii remote.


Wii Play (Hajimete No Wii in japan) is a minigame collection that comes packaged with a Wii Remote. It is available for only a small price more than a single Wii remote on it's own, and this is often attributed as the reason for its success. It consists of nine simple minigames, all of which can be played by one player or two. The 9 games are Shooting Range, Find Mii, Table Tennis, Pose Mii, Laser Hockey, Fishing, Billiards, Charge!, and Tanks!.


Shooting Range

In shooting range, players try to destroy as many targets as possible, using the Wii remote as a pointer and shooting with A or B. Targets include balloons, targets, clay pigeons, cans and UFO's. Occasionally targets with the face of the player's Mii will appear. Points will be lost for shooting targets displaying their own mii, but gained for shooting targets displaying their opponents Mii. Also, in homage to the classic NES game Duck Hunt, between rounds ducks will fly across the screen, and points will be gained for shooting them.

Find Mii

Find Mii displays a selection of Mii's to the player, in various situations, from just standing around, to walking across a road and even swimming. The player will be asked to find a certain Mii, or a group of Mii's. For example, the player might be asked to find 5 identical Mii's, or the player's Mii, or even a Mii that is travelling faster than the other ones.

Table Tennis

Table tennis is a very basic game of table tennis. By pointing the Wii remote at the screen the player controls the position of his paddle. To hit the ball, the player must put the paddle in line with the ball. There is no swinging of the Wii remote required.

Pose Mii

By pointing their Wii remote at the screen, the player can control the position of their Mii. The Mii's pose can also be changed by pressing the A or B button. Bubbles containing a silhouette of the Mii will float down onto the screen. The player must match the Mii in the exact position of the silhouette, which will make the bubble burst. If three bubbles are not burst, and reach the bottom of the screen the game will end.

Laser Hockey

Laser hockey is a brightly colored version of air hockey, in which the player controls a paddle which he must use to defend his goal, and score in the opponents goal. In single player the game lasts two minutes. The winner is whoever has most points after two minutes. In a two player game, the game has no time limit, the winner is the first to score eight goals


In Fishing, you use the pointer to move your rod around and into the pond, and score points according to the type of fish you catch.


Billiards is a pretty standard game of 9 ball pool.


Charge!, as strange as it may sound, is a race on cowback. That's right, you ride a cow and score points for knocking down scarecrows and arriving to the finish first.


Finally, Tanks!, the only game that supports nunchuk is about moving a toy tank around a world made out of cubes and trying to destroy the enemy tanks.


As of March 31 2016, the game has sold 28.02 million copies worldwide.