Zombie Hunters 2

An upgraded version of The OneeChanbara 2, featuring more playable characters. Known as The OneeChampon ~ The Oneechan 2 Special Chapter ~ in Japan.



The fourth game in the Onechanbara, Zombie Hunters 2 is an upgraded version of   The Oneechanbara 2 much like Zombie Hunters was an upgraded version of Zombie Zone. Zombie Hunters 2 continues the series's hack and slash style of gameplay in the vein of Capcom's Devil May Cry or Koei's Dynasty Warriors games. This time, Aya is joined by her sister, Saki, and the mysterious Reiko as they must find the cause of a second Zombie outbreak. Retaining the "Cool Combo" system and the Rage and Blood meters found in the first game, The Oneechanbara 2 added some character specific moves, such as Aya's throwing knives, as well as smarter enemies, and new way's to defeat enemies.  It also introduced a tag system to the series, allowing the player to select two characters and switch between them at anytime.
Alongside the story mode, the game also featured the arena style survival mode and the quest system. All these features were improved slightly, with all the story levels being different, the survival arena's being unique, and the quest being much more varied. 
Zombie Hunters 2 saw Riho and Makoto return to the Onechanbara games, as well Hana and Kiku from the D3 game Dragon Sisters, also known as Simple 2000 Series Vol. 87: The Senko (Nadesico) . Hana and Kiku could be unlocked via quests or having save data from Dragon Sisters, with Riho being available from the start and Makoto unlocking after Riho cleared the first stage. All these characters played differently too, instead of just acting as alternate costumes like in Zombie Hunters. They also had their own stories, making Zombie Hunters 2 a much fuller game than any of its predecessors.


"My name is Aya. I am the scion of a line of sword-weilding assassins going back hundreds of years. I have a sister, Saki, who carries the same blood I do. Ever since a brutal tragedy 49 days ago, she has been unable to regain conciousness. Then, one day, while being moved to another hospitalm she disappeared. Was she taken by someone ? Or... did she leave by herself ? All that was there was an ambulance smeared in crimson blood. Desperate to find my sister, I wasted no time in following her trail..."

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