Action Max

Worlds of Wonder created this VCR-based console in 1987.


The Worlds of Wonder Action Max is light-gun based system, which works in tandem with a player-supplied VHS tape player. The system was sold bundled with a pair of stereo headphones, a lightgun (a second could be purchased for two-player modes), and the pack-in title: Sonic Fury. The Action Max has an integrated speaker, and LED display which keeps score. No connection between the VHS VCR and the Action Max is required, due to the unique scoring mechanism - a light sensor placed at the corner of the TV tallies "hits" and "friendly fire". The video from the Action Max tapes have a small area which is usually dark, but turns light to reflect the light-gun's emission to the detector when something "hittable" is onscreen. Hits register on the LED display for each player, and hits are deducted for misses (friendly fire). A selector switch would determine one of three play modes, including Standard, Reflex (where one needed to score hits quickly), and Limited Ammo.

Only five tapes were released, though a sixth tape, "Fright Night" was filmed, but never released. Mattel released the functionally similar Captain Power the following year, to somewhat more success.

Action Max games