Adventure Vision

The Adventure Vision is a handheld video game console developed by Entex Industries in 1982.


Released in late 1982 by Entex, the Adventure Vision is actually a handheld console though it is way too big to be used as a proper handheld device. The console is self-contained, and thus no external monitor is needed, and uses game cartridges. As far as the monitor goes, it uses one string of 40 red LEDs and a spinning mirror (just like Nintendo's Virtual Boy) instead of an LCD screen, which leads to a resolution of 150 x 40 pixels and an amount of 15 frames per second. That kind of monitor was a huge drawback, as no other console at the time used that techique. Not to mention that the mirror drew a large amount of power from the batteries, although the AC adapter that is built in solves that.

Due to the monitor, only 4 games were released for it.

Technical Specifications

  • CPU: Intel 8048 running @ 733 KHz
  • Sound: National Semiconductor COP411L @ 52.6 KHz
  • RAM: 64 bytes (8048-internal), and 1K (on main PCB)
  • ROM: 1K (8048-internal), 512 bytes (COP411L-internal) and 4K (game cartridge)
  • Input: 4 direction joystick
  • Graphics: 150x40 monochrome pixels, running @ 15 FPS

Adventure Vision games