Casio Loopy

This Japan-only release was targeted at young girls and featured a built-in thermal printer to allow users to print their own puri-kura-style stickers. Only 10 games were released for the console.


This 32-bit gaming system distinguished itself from its competitors with an optional adapter-like peripheral called the "Magical Shop Word Processor." This device used the cartridge slot for connection and also contained A/V input jacks, allowing the user to connect an external video source such as a VCR or DVD player. Using the built-in thermal printer, the user could then take input from the external video source and make it into a printable sticker. The printer also worked with on-screen game images.

Hardware Specs

  • CPU is a 32-bit RISC SH-1.
  • 24V external power supply.
  • Built-in SEAL printer.

Casio Loopy games