Commodore 16

Commodore's successor to the VIC-20 that never sold well.


Intended to replace the VIC-20 as Commodore's entry-level (sub-$100) home computer, the C16 was an odd late-1984 entry in the 8-bit home computer market. Although featuring better graphics capabilities, it was less powerful than, and incompatible with its older brother, the Commodore 64. It shared many features with the Plus/4, Commodore's attempt at a business-oriented computer.

A poor seller in the US, and with a tiny software base compared to the C64, the machine gained only a niche market share in Europe and Mexico. In Europe an even cheaper version called the Commodore 116 was sold, replacing the standard keyboard with a rubber-membrane keyboard similar to that of the ZX Spectrum.

System Specifications

  • CPU: MOS Technologies 8501 (6502 compatible) at 0.89/1.76 MHz
  • Memory: 16KB RAM
  • Graphics: TED chip, 121 colors (8 shades of 15 colors plus black) , 40 x 25 text, 320 x 200 pixels
  • Sound: TED chip (2 channels w/ 4 octaves and noise)
  • OS: Commodore Basic 3.5

Commodore 16 games