The Digiblast (digiBLAST) is a handheld console produced by Nikko in the Netherlands and released in 2005.


The Digiblast was marketed as a media player with game capabilities. Video cartridges with cartoon episodes were released, and owners could buy an MP3 player cartridge which held up to 256MB of music. Specifications-wise, it is comparable with a Game Boy Advance, which is why a majority of the games available for it are straight ports of GBA titles. Despite this, it was actually released after the Nintendo DS.

Digiblast remained in stores for over a year, including a "relaunch" (when some stores still had product) in the 2006 holiday season. However, it sold only about 100,000 units altogether and is considered one of the worst-performing handheld consoles in history.

Digiblast games