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Starting with Steamboat Willie (1928), The Walt Disney Company and its various properties have entertained people of all ages and created an international mythos filled with damsels in distress and champions in rodent form. They once had their own in-house development studio, Disney Interactive.

Disney's various video game franchises are largely based on classic Disney characters and Disney's large stable of movie properties.

While a large portion of Disney titles have been aimed at a younger audience, Disney has also utilized its characters and franchises to target an older, hardcore demographic with games like Epic Mickey, and Kingdom Hearts (which was developed by Square Enix in conjunction with Disney).


Note that some of these linked franchises are linked to the litterature, but the majority of the games come from the Disney version.

Sub-Franchises Disney Classics

101 Dalmations | Winnie the Pooh | The Jungle Book | The Lion King | Cinderella | Mickey Mouse | Lilo & Stitch | Peter Pan | Disney's The Little Mermaid | Aladdin | Donald Duck | Tarzan | Disney's Atlantis the Lost Empire

Sub-Franchises Disney Animation

Frozen | Wreck-It Ralph | Planes | Big Hero 6 | Tangled | Chicken Little

Sub-Franchises Disney Cartoons

Phineas and Ferb | Kim Possible | Gravity Falls |

Sub-Franchises Disney Live-Action

Hannah Montana | Pirates of the Caribbean | TRON | High School Musical | Cheetah Girls | The Suite Life of Zack & Cody | Lizzie McGuire

Sub-Franchises Pixar

Pixar | Cars | The Incredibles | Toy Story | Finding Nemo | Monsters Inc.

Sub-Franchises Other

Kingdom Hearts | Disney Magical World | Disney Infinity | of Illusion | DuckTales | Where's My Water? | Disney Epic Mickey | Disney Princess | Club Penguin | Disney Sing It | Disney's Animated Storybook |

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