Entex Select-A-Game

Entex's Select-A-Game is a handheld console that was released in 1981. Only six games were officially released before it was discontinued.


Select-A-Game was developed by Entex, an electronics company based in Compton, California. The console features a 16 x 7 screen that could produce red or blue lights through a vacuum florescent display. The console itself has no processor. Instead, each game cartridge comes equipped with its own processor.


Eight games were developed for the Select-A-Game, but only six were officially released. Pacman 2 became controversial, and rare as a result, because Coleco sued Entex over its release. At the time, Coleco held exclusive publishing rights to any handheld versions of Pac-Man. The game was pulled from shelves and is now considered a collector's item.

  • Baseball 4
  • Basketball 3
  • Battleship (not released)
  • Football 4
  • Pacman 2
  • Pinball
  • Space Invader 2
  • Turtles (not released)

Entex Select-A-Game games