Epoch Game Pocket Computer

The Epoch Game Pocket Computer was released in Japan in 1984. It features a 75x64 resolution LCD screen with two built-in games. Only five other game cartridges were released.



  • Puzzle Game (パズルゲーム, Pazurugēmu) - A slide puzzle game.
  • Graphics Function (グラフィック機能, Gurafikku kinō) - Similar to MS Paint.


  • Astro Bomber (アストロボンバー, Asutorobombā)
  • Block Maze (ブロックメイズ, Burokkumeizu)
  • Pocket Computer Mahjong (ポケコンマージャン, Pokekonmājyan)
  • Pocket Computer Reversi (ポケコンリバーシ, Pokekonribāsi)
  • Store Keepers (倉庫番, sōko-ban)

Epoch Game Pocket Computer games