Jak and Daxter video game franchise

From innocent boy hero to edgy action movie hero, Jak, along with his wise-cracking friend Daxter, save the world from various perils and troubles all while trying to uncover the secrets of the mysterious Precursors.


Jak and his pal Daxter set out on a trip to Misty Island, when things take a turn for the worst and Daxter falls into a pit of Dark Eco, transforming him into an Ottsel. Jak and Daxter begin their journey to find the Dark Eco Sage, in hopes that they can change Daxter back to his human form. It turns out, though, the person they are trying to find is also the person standing in their way.

JAK II (2003)

After finding a mysterious Precursor artifact, Jak and company are thrust into a dark new world. Immediatly, Jak is taken by guards and seperated from Daxter. Two years pass, and eventually Daxter finds Jak, but he is changed from countless Dark Eco experiments done on him. In an effort to explain what has happened, Jak and Daxter travel this new land in hopes for more answers, and of course, payback.

Jak 3 (2004)

After crimes committed against the people, Jak and Daxter are left to die in the Wasteland. Almost close to death, they are found by other Wastelanders, and brought into the city. Now they must fight for their lives, and prove to the city that they are useful. Meanwhile, the world is in danger of the Darkmakers. The planet doesn't have much time, unless Jak and Daxter can prevent it.


A spin-off that expands on the racing elements seen in previous games, Jak X sees Jak and friends racing for their lives. After the whole crew had been poisoned, Jak must win the racing championship for the antidote.

This game features online multiplayer via the PlayStation 2 Network Adaptor.

DAXTER (2006)

In the two years Jak was kidnapped at the beginning of Jak II, Daxter sets out to find him. This installment tells his tale of becoming a pest exterminator, and his journey to save his best friend.


A PSP entry developed by High Impact Games, later ported to the PS2. Jak and Daxter travel to the edge of the world, known as The Brink. There is an Eco shortage, and therefore the world isn't complete. Jak, Daxter, and Keira are in search for more Eco to help restabilize the world.

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