Mega Man X video game franchise

Mega Man X introduced a more mature tone to the Mega Man series, along with updated moves.


Mega Man X is the second Mega Man franchise. It debuted in 1994 in America with the Super Nintendo Entertainment System title Mega Man X. The series currently has 12 original games and one compilation title.


The story in Mega Man X takes place after the classic franchise. Mega Man X (known as just "X" in many situations) was created by Dr. Light about 30 years after the classic series. X is a new type of robot which has the ability to make its own decisions. Fearing that he would turn evil, Dr. Light put him in a capsule for testing. 100 years later, X's capsule is unearthed by an archeologist named Dr. Cain. With X's help, Dr. Cain created a new race of robots called Reploids. For a time, there was peace.

Later, a virus began spreading among the Reploids that caused them to turn against humanity. The evil reploids are called Mavericks and a group called the Maverick Hunters is formed to combat them. Originally, the leader of the Maverick Hunters is Sigma, until he is too turned into a Maverick. X decides to join and help the current leader, Zero, in combating the Mavericks. The series follows their fight with Sigma and the Mavericks.

References to Street Fighter

Mega Man X,X2,X4 games have several reference to the Street Fighter games. In Mega Man X, one of the secret unlockables in the game is the Hadoken (Fireball). In Mega Man X2 the other secret unlockable is the Shoryuken (Dragon Punch). In Mega Man X4 one of the boss in the game, Magma Dragoon, has the Hadoken and Dragon Punch moves from Ryu & Ken.

Mega Man X franchise games