Memorex MD 2500 VIS

The Memorex MD 2500, also known as the Tandy VIS, was released in 1992. It ran a version of Windows that can be described as a precursor to WinCE and primarily focused on educational games.


The Memorex/Tandy VIS was a "Visual Information System" that also doubled as a gaming machine. The machine was only sold at Radio Shack, and the games released for the system were mostly educational.

The system is notable for it's operating system, Modular Windows. A special embedded version of Windows 3.1, it acts as a precursor to the modern Windows CE. While there were plans to use Modular Windows in other devices like televisions, it appears that the VIS was the only released platform to actually use it.

System Specs

  • CPU: Intel 286, manufactured by AMD
  • Video System: Cirrus Logic
  • Sound System: Yamaha
  • Chipset: NCR Corporation
  • CD-ROM: x2 IDE by Mitsumi
  • OS: Microsoft Modular Windows
  • ROM: 1mb, containing minimal MS-DOS 3.x, a few drivers, and Modular Windows.

Memorex MD 2500 VIS games