NEC PC-6001

The first in NEC's PC-6000 line of computers.

The PC-6001 was first released in November of 1981 in Japan at the price of 89,800 yen. A special version branded "NEC Trek" was released in North American territories shortly afterwards.

Standard definition

  • Processor: μPD780C-1( Z80-A compatible) 3.993600MHz
  • ROM: 16 KB (Basic) 4 KB (character ROM)
  • RAM: 16KB (expandable up to 32KB)
  • Sound chip: General Instrument AY-3-8910 (PSG)
  • Display resolutions: 256x192, 256x128, 128x192, 128x128, 64x48
  • Display colors: monochrome (256x192) / 2 (128x192) / 9 (64x48)
  • Interface: Tape (600 / 1200 baud), RGB, Centronics, Atari Joystick (2), ROM/RAM cartridges, Audio

NEC PC-6001 games