Sharp MZ

The Sharp MZ is a home computer that was first released in the late 1970s. It was one of the first home computers to play video games.


The MZ series was the first line of computers from Sharp Corporation. It was later succeeded by the Sharp X1 line. It was one of the first personal computers to play video games, including ports of arcade games. It sold well in Japan and Europe, despite its high price tag of over £500 ($1220) in 1980 (equivalent to $3500 today). It was succeeded in 1982 by the Sharp X1, which was in turn succeeded by the powerful Sharp X68000 in 1987.

Models released:

1978: MZ-40K, MZ-80K

1979: MZ-80C

1981: MZ-80A, MZ-80B

1982: MZ-700, MZ-1200, MZ-2000, MZ-3500

1983: MZ-2200, MZ-5500

1984: MZ-800, MZ-1500, MZ-5600

1985: MZ-2500, MZ-8000

1987: MZ-2800

Technical Information


  • CPU: Intel 8086-2 (16-bit CPU 8MHz)
  • ROM: 16Kb
  • Memory: 256Kb System RAM (can be expanded to a maximum of 512Kb), 96Kb Video RAM (can be expanded to a maximum of 192Kb)
  • Color: 8 colors (can be specified for each dot)
  • Display capacity: 40 or 80 characters on each row
  • Sound: 3 voices, 8 octaves

Sharp MZ games