Sharp X1

The first in Sharp's X line of computers. It was the successor to the Sharp MZ, and was in turn succeeded by the Sharp X68000.


The Sharp X1 was first released in Japan on January 11, 1982. Alongside the FM-7 and the NEC PC-8801, it was considered one of the "big 3" of Japanese personal computers in the 1980s. The X1 was Sharp's successor to the Sharp MZ, released in 1978

In 1984, Sharp released the X1 Turbo series with high resolution graphics (640x400, while X1 had 640x200). It had a lot of improvements, but the clock speed was still only 4 MHz. In 1986, Sharp released the X1 turbo Z series with a 4096 color analog RGB monitor.

The X1 Twin had NEC's PC-Engine in the cabinet. It was finally released as the last machine of the X1 series in 1987.

The X1 was succeeded by the powerful Sharp X68000 computer in 1987.


  • CPU: Sharp Z80A
  • Speed of CPU: 4MHz
  • RAM: 64KB
  • VRAM: 4KB (Maximum would be 48KB)
  • ROM: 6KB
  • Resolution: 320x200 / 640x200
  • Colors: 8
  • Sound: 3 channels using PSG

I/O Ports

  • 4 x I/O ports
  • 2 x game ports for Atari
  • Audio Out
  • Keyboard
  • Printer
  • Media Type: Tape
  • OS: CP/M

Sharp X1 games