Timetop GameKing III

The Timetop GameKing III is a handheld console release in Asia by Guangzhou Daidaixing Electronics Tech. Unlike previous iterations, the GameKing III features a color screen. It is backwards compatible with GameKing I & II games.

Timetop LTPS Handy Game

Following the GameKing III, TimeTop released the LTPS Handy Game. It is not an official part of the GameKing family line, and is more of a Famiclone, although it does have some original games available, which are just clone of popular NES games in addition to the unlicensed ROMs on the cartridges. However, MG Games, the Greek distributor of the GameKing II, released the Handy Game under the name GameKing III, completely baffling most laypeople, especially almost two decades later, looking into the history or purchasing a legitimate GameKing III.

Timetop GameKing III games