The XaviXPORT is a fitness-oriented system that works with cartridges and fitness gear, like specialized golf clubs, boxing clubs, and baseball bats.


The XaviXPORT, released in August of 2004 by a Japanese company called SSD Company Limited, is a fitness based system, employing the usage of motion controls in an effort to get players off of the couch. The system itself is fairly unconventional, not only in size (it is much smaller than even the slim PlayStation 2) and technical specifications, but also in the games themselves. The console anticipated Nintendo's Wii by two years.

In terms of hardware, the XaviXPORT is incredibly simple, containing minimal processors and low memory. The cartridges actually contain the XaviX Multiprocessor, a proprietary chip. Some games contain the Super XavIX chip, an upgraded version of the original, and SSD is reportedly working on a newer chip titled XaviX II.

The console does not actually contain any controller ports. Rather, the games come with dedicated controllers. Each game comes with a specialized controller, such as a golf club for the Golf game. Games retail at $49.99 USD.

The XaviXPORT was actually developed by eight of the engineers who worked on the original development of the Nintendo Entertainment System, which explains the CPU (6502), as well as the Super XaviX's CPU (65816), both of which were used in Nintendo consoles (6502 on the NES and 65816 on the SNES).

Also of note is the fact that Jackie Chan partnered with SSD Company Limited in order to bring his likeness to the console. There are two games coming to the XaviXPORT with his name attached: Jackie Chan's Action Boxing and Jackie Chan's J-Mat.

Hardware Specifications

  • Processor: 8-bit CPU (6502), 21 MHz (multiprocessors contained in the games themselves)
  • Screen Resolution: 640 x 480 with 16.7 million colors
  • Audio: 16-bit, 44 kHz Memory: 1 KB RAM
  • Ports: One USB port (no controller ports, these are included with the games)

XaviXPORT games