Zan video game franchise

A series of Sengoku era strategy games from Tales developer Wolf Team. The series appears on various consoles and home computers, but never left Japan.


Zan is a Sengoku era strategy sim series from Wolf Team in which the player controls one of many daimyo attempting to hold onto their own territory while conquering those belonging to others. Occasionally, the focus of the game switches from fighting fellow daimyos to repelling demonic armies from the underworld.

Games in Series

Zan: Kagerou no TokiSharp X68000Dec '89
Zan: Yasha EnbukyokuPC-88, Mega DriveSept '90 (PC-88), March '91 (MD)
Zan GearGame GearOct '90
Zan 2: Kagerou no JidaiPC-98Sept '91
Zan: Youen no JidaiTG-CDDec '91
Zan II: SpiritsSNESMarch '92
Zan 2: Towns SpecialFM TownsApril '92
Zan 3: Tenun Ware ni AriPC-98Dec '93
Zan III: Spirits SNESMarch '94
Zan 3: Towns SpecialFM TownsMarch '94

There were also numerous Scenario Collection expansion packs for the computer versions of the above. Shortly after the last two games in the series, Wolf Team began focusing on what would eventually be Tales of Phantasia and the series for which they are best known.

Zan franchise games